What is Advanced Poker Analytics — Statistical Arbitrage

  • Have descriptions for stats. Gets difficult without them
  • Have the following data points:
  • VPIP: Basic Stat
  • PFR: Basic Stat
  • 3Bet (%): How wide the 3bet range is
  • Agg:
  • UOPFR:
  • F3B (%): Those with a high fold percentage can be 3bet extensively
  • CBET_F & CBET: Some players have tendencies to either bet flop or turn a lot. Shows up really well
  • CR:
  • No of hands (#): Colour coding after at least 50 hands allows a decent sample to begin with
  • F3B is high, you can 3bet bluff these folks with suited connectors a lot. This will however fail with a loose table where people will call with anything. You use a tighter range in that case.
  • Some players like to make continuation bets on the flop and use such high numbers to continue with even okay or second-best hands.
  • Call those with high turn bluffs

Hand Range Visualiser

Visualise Your Range in Poker

  • The junk hands are represented mostly by the orange colour as we simply don’t open these positions.
  • AX and KX hands are massive leaks in this range.
  • The dark greenish-blue are super profitable. The light green represents great spots too.
  • Most of the great spots happen to be on the top left and the diagonal representing pocket pairs.
  • Some suited connectors are also great bluffing spots and can occasionally flop nuts.
  • The board is a lot more polarising in nature with lots of greens and reds and almost no orange.
  • NA represents the spots never opened by us. We should ideally be playing a lot tighter than this.
  • J-suited and QJs seem to be trouble spots and need to be more carefully played out.
  • The very green spots can be 3-bet regions.
  • The value has been tracked in terms of BB/100 hands.
  • Most of the profitable ones need to be starting with raises instead of calls, though we have a few of them as well.

River Calling in Poker

  • Opponent Analysis: Using their river bet sizes to determine bluffs vs Value
  • How is your profitability with different percentages of opening ranges?

Startups & Analytics

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Abhinav Unnam

Abhinav Unnam

Startups & Analytics

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