What is Advanced Poker Analytics — Statistical Arbitrage

  • Have the following data points:
  • VPIP: Basic Stat
  • PFR: Basic Stat
  • 3Bet (%): How wide the 3bet range is
  • Agg:
  • UOPFR:
  • F3B (%): Those with a high fold percentage can be 3bet extensively
  • CBET_F & CBET: Some players have tendencies to either bet flop or turn a lot. Shows up really well
  • CR:
  • No of hands (#): Colour coding after at least 50 hands allows a decent sample to begin with
  • Some players like to make continuation bets on the flop and use such high numbers to continue with even okay or second-best hands.
  • Call those with high turn bluffs

Hand Range Visualiser

As mentioned in the previous starter article about Poker Analytics, the game is fundamentally about what hands to play and how to bet them. There is plenty of content around on ranges and what kind of hands to open, bet and call.

Visualise Your Range in Poker

The function when given starting hands take in whatever format BB or money can give a matrix in the standard format with strong, weak and marginal spots colour coded. These can further be broken down by whether you 3-bet or not, c-bet or not and so on. The charts can also be split by position.

  • AX and KX hands are massive leaks in this range.
  • The dark greenish-blue are super profitable. The light green represents great spots too.
  • Most of the great spots happen to be on the top left and the diagonal representing pocket pairs.
  • Some suited connectors are also great bluffing spots and can occasionally flop nuts.
  • NA represents the spots never opened by us. We should ideally be playing a lot tighter than this.
  • J-suited and QJs seem to be trouble spots and need to be more carefully played out.
  • The very green spots can be 3-bet regions.
  • Most of the profitable ones need to be starting with raises instead of calls, though we have a few of them as well.

River Calling in Poker

The other big question was to differentiate between bluffs and value bets on the river. Based on my showdown stats, it was observed that most value bets were pot-sized and bluffs were half pot.

  • How is your profitability with different percentages of opening ranges?



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