Traits Of A Good Non-Tech Founder — Startup Analytics

Force of Nature

When I refer to this term, I don’t mean the movie but a reference to the four fundamental forces of Physics: gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Your non-tech founder needs to be a force of nature to make it happen.


Sales & Marketing

Besides being the cheerleader and guide for the team. The non-tech founder needs to own this. Sales & marketing is hard, especially for tech people. Instead of putting yourselves out there and getting rejections, people prefer their cocoon of tech and build what they deem fit.

  • Ability to assess the market
  • Understanding buyer psychology
  • Being self-aware to position product etc
  • Willingness to feel stupid

Giving & Taking Feedback

The above two traits refer to the ability to push through and get stuff done. Being good at sales and being an unstoppable force requires one to be very persistent. These are awesome qualities to have when hitting a rough patch.

Follow Through

If the other points check out, this should be true as well but still a good point to remember and filter out not so great peeps. The right founding non-tech partner will follow through with what they say or preach. Things are easier to measure somewhat in tech because it's a lot more tangible. This is not so true with lots of business activities.

Amateurs Talk Strategy, Professional talk logistics

Partner with someone who can hold this end of the fort and that requires the ability to follow through, take feedback and sell & market as if doing for survival.



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