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Sales Vs Marketing

For the absolute noobs, sales and marketing are similar, when in reality, they are both supposed to serve different purposes. In layman terms, marketing pertains to brand, positioning, pricing and channels. It’s basically inbound in the sense to get leads or potential customers to reach out to the business to query about the product/service.

Why the need for a Stack?

The engineering or development cycle is now fairly matured and has plenty of tools. It both aid and track efficiency of the process of building products, maintaining them etc. Tools like Version Control ( Github), project management (Trello/Asana/Jira), IDE are ubiquitous across engineering teams.

Tool Kit

  • Ad Networks: Google Ads, FB Ads and so on.
  • Tracking Tools: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Mix Panel, Segment
  • Email Marketing Automation: Mailchimp
  • Specialised Products: Re-Targeting Softwares(Perfect Audience), Referral Management

Why a CRM?

A small startup might just have one person doing the entire lifecycle of marketing from lead gens to maintaining different accounts and finally building and optimising startup sales funnel. All of this is not possible without centralising the operations through a CRM by tracking and keeping all data there and using other tools as a satellite around it. Even with multiple team members, centralised data has its own need. CRM is basically a database for sales and marketing folks with a UI/UX layer.

CRM Overview

I will be using Hubspot to give a walkthrough but this is largely true for any CRM. The relative difference between them and pro cons is a lot more nuanced decision which needs the size of startup, domain etc to be able to make a more deliberated decision. This is a great tool for startup sales and marketing.

Marketing Automation

Notes & Documentation

The other major learning about sales has been how it’s a series of engagements and not a one-meeting event. This requires the need to keep track of different leads, their objections or concerns and how they are being addressed and tracked as we go.


There are a bunch of other videos and content emphasising the need for startup sales and marketing and I found the following really useful. More so, the post was inspired by the webinar from Hubspot.



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