Startup Analytics Tools — Startup Analytics

Questions to Answer

  • How many users are visiting?
  • What is the returning users as a percentage of the total user base?
  • How do our monthly/annual retention numbers look like?
  • What is the average engagement time?
  • What are the best channels?
  • Where do people drop off?
  • Do we know if the landing page design and the CTA placement is correct?
  • Leaks in our UX Flow. Point of maximum drop-offs?
  • Any issues in the UI Feel?
  • Bugs/Erroneous website behaviours.
  • How is copywriting doing?
  • Anyone who made 7 friends on FB, stuck around.
  • Google Analytics could be checking 4–5 different metrics.
  • Hotjar could be adding the first heat map and watching the first recording.




Startups & Analytics

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Abhinav Unnam

Abhinav Unnam

Startups & Analytics

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