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Privacy Friendly Analytics Features

Plausible Analytics


  • The overall product feels simple, quick and has a lightweight script of less than 1 KB, loading very fast. One can track as many sites as one wants, with only the number of views being restricted.
  • Plausible gives 30 days trial period, which is the most trial time given by any such privacy-based analytics.
  • Extra features in form of referral drill down, page drill down and full UTM tags support. Besides that, an open-source version of the product can be deployed on your own server as well.
  • 5% of their gross revenue goes to environmental causes and open source projects.
  • Plausible is shareable. Your stats are private by default. The stats are transparent and can be made public with a custom link.

Simple Analytics


  • One of the unique features is the availability of APIs which can be used for internal custom dashboarding.
  • They also support custom domains.
  • It also offers an unlimited number of sites but as expected, the restriction is on the number of views like others.
  • They also offer a feature called tweet viewer, which shows the exact tweet where you got traffic from.

Fathom Analytics


  • Fathom price is somewhere in the middle when compared with the other two platforms.
  • It has features like where your current users are coming from at a specific moment similar to Google Real-Time.
  • Fathom also offers free uptime monitoring and unlimited data retention on every plan. Fathom monitors your site 24/7 and sends you a text, email, Telegram or Slack message the second it stops.
  • One can quickly see analytics across any timeframe.
  • Some extra features include dark and light mode, private, public or passworded dashboard and referral programs.

How to choose?

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