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  • Incredibly cheap at a rental cost of Rs 3 per half hour.
  • Cycling to work and back is helping me add some activity to my otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

What’s the whole deal about?

How does this work?

  • You locate the station close to starting point on a map. The green tags are the cycle stations.
  • You spot the cycle you like. All are the same but you still gotta choose !!
  • Finally, open the app and unlock the cycle by pointing the phone camera at the QR code.
  • The cycles are all of the standardised types with a disc brake at the front.
  • They definitely seem to be imported from China.

Experience: Technology & Challenges

Battery :

Phone GPS :


Experience: Customer Service & Operations

  • This makes sense because you are better off refunding than putting together a phone-based customer service.
  • The low cost of the product makes sense for something like that, but it will become an economic hindrance when trying to scale up.
  • There is also the operational challenge of theft etc but I guess, the smart lock must be having some kind of provision to deal with that.


  • The infrastructure issue was always going to be a problem.
  • The cycles had lots of hardware issues in terms of the lock. It often got stuck and proved to be the Achilles heel otherwise overall well-done product experience.
  • The unit economics never probably made sense taking the hardware failure rate into account.
  • The service had to achieve critical mass for the availability of cycles in different stations.
  • Un-symmetric usage like riding the cycle to work during the morning but rick by evening meant Pedl had to constantly transport cycles to maintain decent availability in each station.




Startups & Analytics

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Abhinav Unnam

Abhinav Unnam

Startups & Analytics

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