Lease Financing in India — Statistical Arbitrage

For whom?

What is Lease Financing?

Why not buy them outright?

Popular Industries

What is GRIP?

Information Transparency

  • The payout schedule is available in a transparent fashion.
  • The financials are available as well

Investments at a Glance

GRIP Logistics

  1. Financials (balance sheet)
  2. Corporate profile(company reputation)
  3. Business performance(key contracts,trends,etc)

Investing Recommendation

  1. Monthly Payouts: Get paid monthly on a fixed schedule.
  2. Fixed Returns: Pre-agreed monthly payments for the full lease tenure with no day-to-day volatility like stock markets.
  3. Diversification: Non-market linked
  4. Low Friction: Upfront security deposit as well as the ability to recover, re-lease or sell assets to mitigate risk
  5. Tools: Lots of tools available for calculations and tax assistance.

Lease Financing Taxation

  • As a partner to the investment LLP, you will need to additionally fill ITR form 3 when you submit your income tax returns.
  • On behalf of the LLP, Grip will file ITR 5 and provide the same to you to make the process transparent and easy for you

Default Risk

  • The LLP have the ability to reclaim assets for selling or re-leasing.
  • While there are safeguards in place, it does not guarantee 100% returns in case the leasing partner defaults. In that case, GRIP will take a suitable legal course.
  • GRIP will take care of all the processes related to the reclaim of assets for selling or re-leasing in case of default.

Investor Logistics

  • Once the funding target for a deal is achieved, GRIP would send you the agreement and consent letter for the LLP which would be the vehicle of investment for the deal
  • Investors will start receiving returns within 30 days after the 100% funding is completed.

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Abhinav Unnam

Startups & Analytics

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