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Generic Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Ecosystem

There has been quite a movement in the ecosystem to break out of the Google ecosystem’s set of tools and encourage other tools. Because, to fill the gaps in Google Analytics, you’ll need to use a tool like Google Tag Manager. It’s a platform that nests and manages all of your tags, including conversion pixels and website analytics. It allows you to measure everything you need without modifying your website code!


Data Visualisation can seem complicated and obscure for people with a non-maths background. A basic understanding of statistics etc can be useful to interpret the data better. Wide applicability in multiple environments makes it so hard for a beginner user

  • You can’t customise GA based on what your site does.
  • Will have to comb through the haystack of menus and irrelevant data to find the needle you are looking for.

What can be done with issues?

These issues with Google Analytics can be resolved by either:

  • Get a consultant to help out from time to time.
  • The third option is

What is Narrative BI?

Narrative BI for Google Analytics is an intuitive, lightweight no-code analytics platform. It effortlessly integrates with Google Analytics which can be disastrous in complexity and user experience. Especially for new teams.

  • Decision Making becomes Faster: Insights can be discussed right in the tool without the hassle of constantly switching software and social media and saves you time.
  • Eliminate Dependency: Non-technical users often struggle with the time it takes to gain insight from their data. Insights without a technical team allow to reduce dependency and make teams more mobile.
  • Insights in favoured language: Narrative BI speaks the language user favours through their Natural Language Generation Engine, users can get insights in plain English.

Narrative BI on Google Analytics

Different components

The dashboard is a lot simpler with fewer components and condensed information.

Anamoly Detection

Narrative Story


Below is a screenshot of what I got from the analytics of my website and I can say for sure things are going in the right direction.

  • It is easy to use and understand with no training or prior experience necessary.
  • Narrative BI cuts through the noise by presenting all the critical website traffic insights and metrics within a single platform.



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