How to get first 1000 Customers — Startup Analytics

Why 1000 customers?

User Persona

  • What are the demographics?
  • Where do they live?
  • What places do they hangout?
  • What is the typical lingo?

Where do my customer's hangout?

  • Reddit Community: Lots of homogenous groups of people with similar interest. Tightly controlled by mods and strict community conditions.
  • FB Groups: Another popular hangout zone for like-minded people. From real estate search in cities to coupon hunters. Much easier to post and grow.
  • Online Forums: Lots of online forums have a similar experience as above and good to reach people.
  • Twitter: Another place to find early adopters and like-minded people. One of the best platforms for early distribution building.
  • Youtube: This is another medium that has a collection of influencers and their cult-like
  • Quora: Another Q/A platform and still very popular space to find out answers to some really interesting questions.

Distribution Channels

  • Youtube/Blogs: Evangelising part of the equation. This could be self-owned as well as borrowed through partnerships and deals with others. Very useful for deep tech products which need good explanation and context for people to get. Influencer marketing done right can be a huge moat.
  • Google/FB Ads: The default way to reach people is to just go after and buy traffic using Ads. But to be done right, this needs a lot more homework. Very easy to burn money without knowing what you are doing. Start small and with a defined CPC to keep tight control and then slowly increase it.
  • Email Marketing: Highly effective but a slow process. Emphasises the need to have the emails of your potential customers. Given Amazon SES and other tools, incredibly cheap as well. The big challenge with reputation management. Take time to build the base up. Great way to engage the first 1000 customers


  • Amazon SES + Wrapper: The way to scale emailing operations and cheap is to use. Works out to be $1 for 10,000 mails. This works beyond the first 1000 customers.
  • Backend Analytics: Besides the obvious google analytics. Have a backend analytics tracker for users. This will help in prioritising, whom to call.

Startups & Analytics

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