How to get Automated Insights from Google Analytics — Startup Analytics

  • Wrong Insights From Google Analytics: It’s quite possible, that a non-data savvy person, could interpret and make the wrong conclusions from the data. This is worse than having no data.
  • Not Enough Budget: To deal with the above, not all teams can afford to have a full-fledged analyst in team or hire a GA consultant for the purpose.
  • Net Margins
  • Growth (%) and so on
  • Conversions
  • CAC and so on …
  • Buying patterns
  • App usage patterns and so on …
  • Consistent Reports
  • And most importantly accuracy in analysis and number crunching

Why a tool like this?

Given the proliferation of tools and AI/ML systems, why not build out your own systems to analyse these What’s the need to subscribe to a tool like this?

  • This requires teams to rely on superior tools in terms of consistent communication, rapid experimentation and accurate analysis.
  • No specialists needed
  • Quick to setup
  • Upcoming integrations with Shopify, Pinterest and other data sources.



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