Finding A Tech Co-Founder — Startup Analytics

  • Jobs and Wozniak met at a hacker group for computer nerds.
  • There was a defined and specific need for an integrated computer system.
  • Collaborated to first build the prototype.

Customer -> Problem Statement

Problem Statement -> Community/(User Research)

  • Is the pain point genuine and an actual issue for several users.
  • How can one go about reaching out to them?
  • A ready-made user list to test out the beta version of the product.

User Research -> Finding a Tech Co-Founder

  • You had a hypothesis/idea with a specific customer in mind
  • You ran an experiment (user research) by talking to these users.
  • Understood the experience post this
  • Took your learning from the entire experience.

Reaching Out

  • The basic idea is not up to their alley
  • The data/evidence is not sufficient
  • Tech stack needed is not relevant or of interest to them etc
  • Public/Open Hackathons
  • Developer Oriented Forums (Reddit/Hacker-news) specific to the problem
  • Open Source Projects (Github) pertaining to the problem.
  • Product Hunt Makers
  • Ask a friend, refer to peeps.
  • Your working styles are different
  • The developer is not synced with the required tech stack
  • They are not motivated enough

Startups & Analytics

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Abhinav Unnam

Abhinav Unnam

Startups & Analytics

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