Finding A Tech Co-Founder — Startup Analytics

  • Jobs and Wozniak met at a hacker group for computer nerds.
  • There was a defined and specific need for an integrated computer system.
  • Collaborated to first build the prototype.

Customer -> Problem Statement

Even though all firms and businesses are tech-driven, the initiation starts with business and primarily starts with the customer in mind. 90% of my dozen side projects failed because of not starting with the customer in mind. By simply, doing this, one can avoid building something which has no need.

Problem Statement -> Community/(User Research)

Post an understanding of the problem statement and customer. The next step is to build a small community of users or join them. This can be executed as a user research exercise, where one talks to multiple users (possibly 100+). Not sure how to reach, the first set of 100+ users, you gotta fix this problem first.

  • Is the pain point genuine and an actual issue for several users.
  • How can one go about reaching out to them?
  • A ready-made user list to test out the beta version of the product.

User Research -> Finding a Tech Co-Founder

This is the phase, where once can finally embark on finding the tech co-founder. Given that we have a problem statement along with an understanding of the first 100+ users. We know what a working solution will look like.

  • You had a hypothesis/idea with a specific customer in mind
  • You ran an experiment (user research) by talking to these users.
  • Understood the experience post this
  • Took your learning from the entire experience.

Reaching Out

Now that, we have done our homework and survived the tough challenge of user feedback and build the design prototype. It’s time to reach out to the other end of the problem, reaching out and convincing a good tech guy.

  • The basic idea is not up to their alley
  • The data/evidence is not sufficient
  • Tech stack needed is not relevant or of interest to them etc
  • Public/Open Hackathons
  • Developer Oriented Forums (Reddit/Hacker-news) specific to the problem
  • Open Source Projects (Github) pertaining to the problem.
  • Product Hunt Makers
  • Ask a friend, refer to peeps.
  • Your working styles are different
  • The developer is not synced with the required tech stack
  • They are not motivated enough



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