Cricket Analytics Starter Kit — Data Science Projects — Statistical Arbitrage


  • The tools rely on a D/L based index which combines strike rate and runs for batsmen.
  • The same index works in an opposite direction and combines economy/wickets for bowlers.
  • The idea is to bring contribution/effectiveness to a single number and to be able to compare them.
  • The paper and some of the resources are mentioned towards the end.
  • The tools can be used separately to explore batsmen and bowlers. The data though is currently, only from IPL matches of the last few years. It might be from 2017 onwards and might have a few missing values.


Courses for Cricket Analytics


Data & Processing

Paid Historical Data

Paid Streaming Data

Stack & Resources

  • The ball update typically had a delay of 5 seconds which in rare cases would extend to 15 sec or more. This delay was incredibly volatile and made building a live analytical engine difficult.
  • The data quality in streaming services has its own challenges involving frequent errors which would later be corrected.

Use Cases & Stakeholders

  • Fans: Analytical reports can be a source of engaging news and alternate medium for fans to ponder on. This is something along the lines of FiveThirtyEight.
  • League Teams: IPL franchises and other T20 leagues are a ripe customer for such analytics. Though analytics is still prevalent, it is largely driven by video analysts who or were largely ex-cricketers. They have no statistical backgrounds resulting in the same old domain knowledge being circulated around.
  • Media/ Agencies: Fan engagement numbers and even player performance forecasts etc can be incredibly useful for advertising agencies and celebrity management firms. However, they can better price their associated players. Firms looking to advertise can make a more scientific assessment of their marketing spends.

Landscape & Opportunities

  • You have Cricbuzz & Cricinfo dominating the content landscape. They have the largest volume of visits but suffer from poor engagement time and the fact that their offering has no direct monetisation.
  • Dream11 has the numbers in terms of paying user base and very fast-growing one but poor engagement numbers seeing the nature of their static game. The next logical step is to go for some sort of streaming.
  • HotStar has the best of both worlds, official streaming partners so not only high engagement numbers but given their recent foray into fantasy, they might eat into Dream11’s pie.

Startups & Analytics

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Startups & Analytics

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