Box8 Product Management and Market — Startup Analytics

Who are the major players?

A Google trends search of the major food delivery players reveals how each one of the major players is trending. It is a known fact that once one downloads the app, you won’t be searching anymore but these trends still give a sense of each player’s heartbeat.

  • Swiggy: Their growth direction has been the most consistent with constantly towards the upper direction.
  • Zomato: They did a great job achieving consistent growth till mid 2015 and then undoing all the efforts from thereon. However, since early 2018, they caught on to their game by releasing Zomato Gold.
  • Food-panda: A venture builder’s (RocketInternet) subsidiary, had lots of manufactured growth till August 2015 when the CEO quit amid embezzling and other allegations. It’s been a steady decline ever since. Not sure, if the Ola acquisition helped !!

What are the key variables?

The entire business of a food tech has primarily two components: Food & Technology. Each player can build a proposition by finding their niche. The entire cost structure is spread across three terms: Food + Delivery + Customer Service.


In my experience, I have largely relied on Box8 in the recent time due to the fact that I both like the food and also because they have managed to commoditise their offering in terms of limited food types and deliver them in standard boxes. The packaging should allow them to scale their delivery smartly when they grow in size.





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